Monthly Giveaways

By August 12, 2017 August 21st, 2017 News

Today, we’re launching the first of our monthly gear giveaways – a chance for us to connect with our potential customers and giveaway a Made In USA guitar/camera strap to a lucky winner each month.

The promotion is scheduled to run on Instagram for now so you can find the details on our Instagram giveaway posts.

Good luck!

How do we determine the winner?

We use the random number generator provided by to determine the winner by simply entering the total number of people participated in the giveaway as the ceiling and announcing the Xth. participant as the winner – X being the number generated by the random number generator.

What if the Xth. participant is ineligible to be a winner?

We simply re-generate another number (Y) and announce the Yth. participant as the winner – and so on and so forth.

How do we announce the winner?

The winner will be announced – and tagged on Instagram.

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Rubington Guitar Straps Monthly Giveaway