Rubington Guitar Straps. Finally!

By April 22, 2017 May 28th, 2017 News

We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new product line; Rubington guitar straps – with built-in strap locks and 3-ply Italian leather badges!

Just as our camera straps being one-of-a-kind, we wanted our guitar straps to be unique too. This new product line guitar straps – which we are really very proud of – is fruition of 6 months of market research, trying to come up with innovative ideas, designing and prototype-building. While the feedback is still yet to come, we strongly believe we’ve designed and built the sleekest and most practical of guitar straps in the sub-$50 price point.

How come? Well, let’s dive into the features!

Seat Belt Type Strap

The ‘strap’ part of Rubington guitar straps is the 5-panel seat belt material used in airplanes. Needless to say; it’s extremely reliable and durable. Currently we offer 3 different color options: competition orange, midnight black and desert beige.

3-Ply Italian Leather Badges

Well, you should have seen this coming. We love working with leather and there’s gotta be at least some leather in all our products. Our new line of guitar straps feature 3-ply finest Italian leather badges, making them extremely durable and good-looking.

YKK® Plastic Hardware

All plastic hardware – tri-glide strap adjuster and the D-ring connector to be exact – are products of YKK® – the world-leader in plastic hardware! We humbly call them plastic but they are actually made of Acetal – an extremely durable type of plastic.

Built-In Strap Locks

Strap locks are safe but if strap locks themselves break lose from your strap’s badges, they mean nothing, right? Rubington guitar straps feature built-in strap locks that are fitted into cut-to-size and seared holes on three layers of finest Italian leather badges so that the strap lock hardware has almost zero chance of expanding/tearing the badge. Now, that’s a first, right?

Made in USA

Last but not least – and honestly maybe most importantly, all Rubington guitar straps are 100% handcrafted in New Jersey, USA!