American-Made Guitar Straps
with Built-In Strap Locks

Ultimate Safety with Strap Locks

Reliable & Durable Polypropylene
Strap & Leather Badges

Rubington Guitar & Camera Straps - Hand-crafted in USA

Rubington Guitar Straps

All Rubington guitar straps are hand-crafted in USA with masterclass craftsmanship and finest quality, environmentally-friendly Italian and American leather hides.

Linea Series Guitar Straps
with Built-In Strap Locks

Built-In Strap Locks

Rubington guitar straps feature built-in strap locks that are fitted into cut-to-size and seared holes on three layers of premium Italian leather badges so that the strap lock hardware has almost zero chance of expanding/tearing the badges.

Seat Belt Grade Straps

Silky and strong, the polyester woven straps glide easily on your shoulder no matter what you’re wearing allowing you to move/re-position your guitar as you please – continuously.

3-Ply Italian Leather Badges

Crafted using 3 layers of textured top-grain Italian leather, both badges provide a level of style that’s not too vintage, neither too modern – probably in perfect balance.

Fancy Colors

Tired of all-black straps? Us too. We currently offer four distinctive strap color options; Midnight Blue, Competition Orange, Desert Beige  and Royal Purple, along with three hardware color options; black, chrome and gold.

The Collection

Rubington Guitar Straps with Built-In Strap Locks and Italian Leather Badges