• Hand-crafted, machine sewn
  • Top-grain leather (floater) top piece
  • Top-grain leather (nubuck) neck piece
  • ‘Rubi-Loop’ quick-release connectors
  • Designed for DSLR cameras
  • Usable with compact/mirrorless cameras
Rubington Guitar & Camera Straps - Hand-crafted in USA

Even though not as fancy as black, brown too is a timeless color and finds its way into our collection of camera straps under the name Mocca. All-brown with contrasting white stitch-work and choice of chrome-colored hardware instead of gold keeps the Mocca subtle yet elegant. Just like any other Rubington camera strap, the Mocca too, features top-grain top and neck pieces, floater and nubuck respectively.

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Designed For : DSLR Cameras
Usable With : Compact/Mirrorless Cameras
Camera Brand Compatibility : Universal
Top Piece : Top-Grain Leather (Floater)
Neck Piece : Top-Grain Leather (Nubuck)
Extensions : Top-Grain Leather
Metal Accessories : Yes (Custom Square Rings)
Quick Release : Yes (YKK® Buckles)
Width : 1.75" (~ 4.5cm.)
Length (Main Body) : 28" (~71cm.)
Length (Inc. Extensions) : 37" (~94cm.)
Length (Total) : 45" (~114cm.)
Weight : 2.5oz. (~75g.)

Please note; due to the hand-crafted nature of Rubington camera straps, all measurements given on this page are close approximations and the actual measurements may vary as much as ± 2%.

Can I use Rubington camera straps with my camera?
Rubington camera straps are compatible with virtually any SLR/DSLR and compact/mirrorless camera, but feel free to contact us to ask if you can use Rubington camera straps with a specific camera.

What materials are used in the crafting of Rubington camera straps?
Different materials are used in the making of different models. Detailed information can be found on product pages.

They look great! But are they comfortable?
Compared to stock straps, Rubington camera straps are wider and softer thus the weight of the camera is distributed to a larger and softer area, eliminating strain. You will definitely notice the increase in comfort.

How safe are the plastic buckles?
All Rubington camera straps feature accessories manufactured by the industry-leading brand YKK®. The base compound of these buckles is Acetal, a compound well-known for its durability and strength.

How are Rubington camera straps connected to a camera?
Please refer to the ‘User’s Guide’ page for an explanatory video on connecting Rubington camera straps to a SLR/DSLR camera.

Do I need to take special care for Rubington camera straps?
No, but we recommend you visit the ‘User’s Guide’ page for more information.

All straps look great but I had something different in mind. Do you take custom orders?
Sure! We’d love to know what you have in mind! Since all Rubington products are hand-crafted in-house, it would absolutely be no problem for us to craft an item to your specs. Please contact us and we’ll discuss more.

A certain model is listed out-of-stock. Can I expect it to be back in-stock anytime soon?
Sure! As long as we don’t remove a model from the collection, it means it’s still in our production plan. You can always contact us asking for an E.T.A..

Connecting Rubington Camera Straps

Crafting of Rubington Camera Straps

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6.5 × 3.5 in