Pitch Black


  • Designed for electric guitars
  • Built-in strap locks (matching strap buttons included!)
  • Top-grain Italian leather badges
  • Ultra-durable YKK® plastic hardware
  • Hand-crafted & machine sewn in USA
  • Cannot be used without strap locks
Rubington Guitar & Camera Straps - Hand-crafted in USA

You wanted it. You got it! We thought we’d never introduce an all-black strap but all feedback we’ve received suggested other wise. Black as night, the Pitch Black sure has its own audience.

You can choose from 3 different colors of strap locks hardware; black, chrome and gold., to match the hardware of your guitar.

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Designed For : Electric Guitars
Guitar Brand Compatibility : Universal
Badges : Top-Grain Leather (Floater)
Main Piece : 5-Panel Polyester Webbing
Plastic Hardware : Yes (Ultra-Durable YKK® Loops)
Quick Release : Yes (Strap Locks)
Width : 2" (~ 5cm.)
Length (Min.) : 36" (~91cm.)
Length (Max) : 64" (~162cm.)
Weight : 6oz. (~170g.)

Please note; due to the hand-crafted nature of Rubington guitar straps, all measurements given on this page are close approximations and the actual measurements may vary as much as ± 2%.

Can I use Rubington guitar straps with my guitar?
Rubington guitar straps are compatible with virtually any electric guitar, but feel free to contact us to ask if you can use Rubington guitar straps with a specific guitar.

Can I remove the strap locks and use the strap as a regular strap on a guitar without strap lock buttons?
No. Rubington guitar straps with built-in strap locks can only be used with the accompanied strap lock buttons or on guitars with Schaller-style strap lock buttons. The reason is; the strap lock hardware on the straps are fitted into cut-to-size and seared holes on the badges so that there is almost zero chance of the strap lock hardware ever expanding/tearing the badges that they are attached to and breaking lose – thus increased safety/stability.

What materials are used in the crafting of Rubington guitar straps?
Different materials are used in the making of different models. Detailed information can be found on product pages.

They look great! But are they comfortable?
Linea Series Rubington guitar straps are 2″ wide – which is pretty much the standard width for guitar straps. However, due to the sturdiness of the material used, the weight of your guitar will be distributed as evenly as possible on the width of the strap – making it as comfortable as nylon straps get. Also, the material used will glide on pretty much on any clothing, thus adding additional comfort and practicality.

How safe are the plastic buckles?
All Rubington guitar straps feature accessories manufactured by the industry-leading brand YKK®. The base compound of these buckles is Acetal, a compound well-known for its durability and strength.

How are Rubington guitar straps connected to a guitar?
Please refer to the ‘User’s Guide’ page for an explanatory video on connecting Rubington camera straps to a SLR/DSLR camera.

Do I need to take special care for Rubington guitar straps?
No, but we recommend you visit the ‘User’s Guide’ page for more information.

All straps look great but I had something different in mind. Do you take custom orders?
Sure! We’d love to know what you have in mind! Since all Rubington products are hand-crafted in-house, it would absolutely be no problem for us to craft an item to your specs. Please contact us and we’ll discuss more.

A strap with a certain option is listed out-of-stock. Can I expect it to be back in-stock anytime soon?
Sure! As long as we don’t remove a model from the collection, it means it’s still in our production plan. You can always contact us asking for an E.T.A..

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Black, Chrome, Gold